10 April 2013

Directory Opus + Video Guide

Directory Opus is now available as a free update for all Directory Opus 10 users.


What's new:

The update includes everything from the 10.5.0.x beta versions:

(The help file contains a summary of all these changes in one place and will be displayed the first time you run the new version.)
The update also includes the following new changes:
  • Fixed auto-hide toolbar slide and reveal options, introduced in a recent beta, being reversed for toolbars docked to the left or top of the screen.
  • Fixed recently introduced problem that meant Select SOURCETODEST / DESTTOSOURCE were case sensitive.
  • Fixed problem in path completion that made it stop working temporarily when typing an alias followed by a folder name beginning with a reserved device name (e.g. /dopusdata/ConfigFiles).
  • Fixed path-completion pop-up's borders not always painting correctly.

Video Guide: