29 April 2008

Directory Opus version

A free update for all Opus 9 users - Directory Opus is now available from http://www.gpsoft.com.au.

Version – April 29th 2008

Bugs fixed / minor changes:

  • The new grp:XXX syntax in wildcard pattern matching did not properly resolve the name of the Filetype group (with the result that only the default groups Images/Documents/etc would work.)
  • Right-click / Rename on the Folder Tree incorrectly displayed the full Rename dialog (with an incorrect filename) rather than entering inline rename mode as intended
  • The ADD argument can now be used with the Clipboard SET command to add text to the existing clipboard contents.
  • There is a new ext2 modifier for file command codes (e.g. {file|ext2}). This is basically the same as the existing ext modifier except the period is omitted (so, for example, {file|ext2} might return txt whereas {file|ext} would return .txt)
  • Fixed a problem where Copy UPDATEALL and UPDATEEXISTING would incorrectly delete pre-existing empty folders in the target directory.
  • Swapped the key shortcuts for Delete and Edit in the Folder Aliases Preferences dialog to be more logical.