18 September 2008

Directory Opus version

Directory Opus version - September 18th 2008

A free update for all Directory Opus 9 users is now available for download from GP Software.

Bugs fixed / minor changes:

  • The Properties command did not correctly display a multi-file Properties dialog if multiple files were selected.
  • The Remove All function in the Find panel did not correctly clear the list of locations.
  • When viewing fonts in thumbnails mode, an incorrect font could sometimes be used (e.g. a Serif font would sometimes be shown instead of a Sans-Serif font).
  • A line in an InfoTip definition can now be completely suppressed even if it doesn't actually display any fields itself. For example, {!coords}Location:{!} will display a line saying Location: if the image contains GPS EXIF tags, and will be completely hidden if it doesn't.
  • With two or more toolbars on the one line, the first button of all but the first and last toolbars would be slightly cut-off on the left hand side.
  • Fixed a problem where Opus could get confused about the shift-select start/end position when pressing Home/End followed by Shift-Home/End.
  • The Capitalize All Words Rename function now correctly handles accented / non-Latin characters.
  • Several problems have been fixed to do with image handling:

    • Scaling greyscale RLE8 bitmaps resulted in garbage.
    • The viewer now allows cropping of RLE4 and RLE8 bitmaps.
    • Scaling 1-bpp bitmaps forced the colour palette to black & white.
    • Fixed problems cropping 1-bpp, 4-bpp and "565" 16-bpp bitmaps.
    • Higher quality scaling of some indexed-color image types.
    • Fixed indexed color bitmaps having their palettes quantized to 16-bpc after some operations (e.g. rotation of RLE4 / RLE8 compressed images).
    • The viewer's Save As dialog now remembers the type you last used even after you close the viewer. The Save As dialog also now sets the initial file extension to match the initial type.
    • Fixed invalid bitmaps being saved if the input was RLE compressed. For example, some bitmaps could not be set as the Desktop wallpaper using Opus.
    • Fixed clipboard image copy not working if the viewer was set to Tile mode and was exactly the right size for the image.
    • Fixed problem that could cause some TIFFs to not be read.
    • Reject BMP files with invalid compression/bitcount combinations.
    • Fixed numerous problems converting low bit-depth images between formats.
    • Opus now saves PNG images using indexed-color mode, with the lowest required bit-depth, if there are few enough colors in the image that it makes sense to do so.
    • Opus now saves GIF images using the minimum color palette based on the number of colors actually used in the image.
    • Fixed image-conversion error number being overwritten by clean-up code.

  • Opus now supports legacy ID3v2.1 MP3 tags (e.g. written by very old versions of iTunes).
  • Fixed more problems when @set is combined with {sourcepath} in functions.
  • In Print Folder, the date/time column is now padded for 12 hour time formats to make sure it lines up when printing to a text file.
  • When the font of the Styles toolbar is set very small (e.g. 6 point) there is no longer an unwanted line displayed underneath the tabs.
  • The Paste AS command now allows you to specify the full path of the file to paste into when pasting clipboard text / images.
  • When two or more Toolbars share a row their buttons are now expanded so they are all the same height/width as the largest buttons on the row.
  • When dragging and dropping, the Target tooltip is no longer drawn over the top of the drag image in Vista.
  • Dropping files on Go BACK or Go FORWARD buttons (or those generated by Go BACKLIST etc) now works correctly.
  • Dragging a .dcf file directly from a zip file to a toolbar (in Customize mode) now works.
  • The Folder Tree Collapse non-selected branches option now works on the Favorites section of the tree.
  • Zip file extensions that have been hidden from the Tree are now really hidden.
  • The mycomputericon option for the Breadcrumbs field no longer causes the FTP site name to be hidden when on an FTP site.
  • Fixed graphical glitch in Collection Properties window when editing the collection's description.
  • When dragging a button without a label to a folder in Customize mode, the file created now correctly has a .dcf file extension.
  • Fixed refresh problems when renaming files to sub-folders (using "/") in inline rename mode.
  • Fixed quotes problem with + sign in {dlgchoose} command.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause MSN Contacts listed in the Contacts pane to double-up at times.
  • The EXIF Rotation option in the Image Convert function did not work correctly for images from some cameras.

The new ActiveX plugin (see the next post) is also included.