5 March 2009

Directory Opus version

Directory Opus version - March 5th 2009

A free update for all Directory Opus 9 users is now available for download from GP Software.

Bugs fixed / minor changes:

  • Added @toggle command modifier. This lets you change the highlight status of buttons that can automatically highlight (e.g. Set HIDESYSTEMFILES). You can specify @toggle invert to invert the normal highlight state or @toggle disable to prevent highlighting altogether.
  • Added new option to Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced called flatview_folder_filters. When set to True this will enable folder filters in FlatView mode.
  • Fixed several drag & drop issues:
    • Drag & drop to Favorites menu now shows correct cursor.
    • Drag & drop to the Folder Tree no longer results in the Lister being locked until the copy is finished.
    • Fixed problem where drag & drop would do nothing if the action was Copy MOVEWHENSAME and the dropshift event was empty.
    • Fixed problem where D&D from a RAR file to the file display border hot paths of parent folders did not work.
  • Fixed problem where key presses were ignored when the mouse was over a toolbar button.
  • Added checks to prevent crashes when using some viewer plugins written in Delphi.
  • Improved support for Gmail Drive namespace extension.
  • Having the {smp3} or {tmp3} codes on the status bar will now trigger a read of extended file information even if no extended columns are displayed in the Lister.
  • Improved handling of drive removal / disk change – Folder Tree should now refresh correctly, and file change notification should no longer be broken by removing and reinserting a drive.
  • Fixed double progress bar when using Clipboard Paste via folder context menu.
  • Ctrl-Z to undo in inline rename mode no longer results in filename being scrolled out of view.
  • Fixed crash caused by inline renaming a file to a file extension that was filtered out by current filters.
  • Fixed "same drive" detection when moving files between two junctions on the same physical drive.
  • Fixed infinite loop if FileType ACTION=dblclk was set as the double-click action for a file type.
  • Fixed extraction of RAR files with encrypted filenames.
  • When defining Folder Colors, selecting folders from the Profile branch of the tree now works correctly.
  • The Owner column now works correctly in the x64 version.
  • Fixed crash in Plugin About dialog if plugin did not specify a URL.
  • Fixed problem with text-extraction plugins not working if they did not specify DVPFIF_CanReturnViewer, or did not export both DVP_LoadTextA and DVP_LoadTextW.
  • In some cases viewer plugins did not receive a DVPLUGINMSG_CLEAR message before their window was destroyed.
  • FTP changes:
    • Fix for SSH/SSL reconnect problems.
    • Fix for invalid initial folder and drop connection if parent also not available.
    • Fix for folders containing % characters in the folder name.
    • Secure FTP descriptions changed after user feedback.