19 April 2009

How to add comments/descriptions to files and folders

  1. In Settings / Preferences / Folders / Options, make sure the Support 'descript.ion' file comments system option is on.

  2. To actually add a comment, use the Set Description command which by default is on the File / File Commands menu (you can move this to your toolbar or assign a hotkey if you like).

  3. To see the comments in the Listers, make sure you have the Description column displayed.
You could add the notes to the Info Tip that is displayed when you hover the mouse over a file, if you like.

For example, go to Settings / File Types, select All files from the list and click Edit. Then, on the Info Tip tab, add {desc} to the Info Tip definition.

Note that you will also need to do this separately for any file types that have an Info Tip defined -- although by default nothing does except the items listed in File Type Groups. For example, under File Type Groups, locate the Documents entry and do the same thing for that to add descriptions to document Info Tips.

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