31 May 2009

Update O&O Defrag if you've having right-click crashes

If you have O&O Defrag installed and you find that Opus exits or crashes when you right-click things: Update to the latest version of O&O Defrag to fix the problem.

As far as we can tell the problem started happening in a recent-ish O&O Defrag update and was fixed in a more recent update. At least, we can reproduce the crash easily using a version from several weeks ago, but the crash goes away again if we install a version of O&O Defrag downloaded two weeks ago (19th May 2009).

Normally we wouldn't bother posting about such fixed issues but we're still getting a lot of reports about the crash and it isn't obvious that O&O Defrag is the cause and what needs updating. Hopefully people with the problem will see this FAQ.

(If you still have problems after updating O&O then they could be caused by something else. See the FAQ on Crash, exit or high CPU usage when right-clicking certain files for instructions on how to track down the problem.)