28 August 2009

Directory Opus version (Beta)

This is an Opus Beta release only. If you aren't comfortable running the very latest version of Opus then you may like to wait for the public release of

To download the new beta version, visit the Directory Opus thread.

Bugs fixed / minor changes:

  • Improved support for Explorer Replacement mode in Windows 7 (opening control panel sub-pages like Fonts, Wireless Networks, etc, now works correctly). Attempting to access the control panel in a Lister (e.g. Go /controls) now opens an Explorer window.
  • File permissions are now updated correctly when undeleting a file from the recycle bin (prevents files appearing with a padlock icon overlay in Windows 7).
  • The Delete confirmation dialog (and other dialogs where appropriate) now respond to the 'Y' and 'N' keys as well as the existing accelerators for each button. ('Y' and 'N' are localised as appropriate.)
  • The Find Panel now correctly inherits the current path when a new Lister is opened.
  • Ctrl-Z to undo a Paste now works in inline rename.
  • Moving a file in a File Collection to a folder on the same hard drive now correctly moves the file instead of using copy/delete semantics.
  • Fixed problem which meant that, in rare circumstances, files within archives were not fully read by viewer plugins.
  • Fix for possible memory corruption with glass docked toolbars in Office style.