14 May 2012

Directory Opus (Beta)

Directory Opus beta is now available for all Opus 10 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. It fixes a number of issues reported since the release of Directory Opus 10.

Because this is a beta version, translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

Only the English language has been updated for this beta. If you are using a language other than English, any new dialog controls described below will not be visible unless you switch the language to English. (They'd normally be visible but not translated into your language yet; in this version they won't be visible at all.) As a result, there also isn't a German-specific installer this time, but everyone can use the International installer.

New features and minor changes:
  • Added the option of using non-buffered IO for file copying. Currently this has to be enabled by specifying a threshold value for Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced / copy_nonbuffer_threshold (it defaults to 0 which means disable). Non-buffered IO can also be controlled on a per-function basis with the new NONBUFIO parameter for the Copy command.
  • Added NOAUTORUN argument to Find command to allow the find panel to be opened with a specified name, location and filter but without actually starting the find.
  • The @confirm command modifier now supports \n for embedded line breaks.
  • Added escnl modifier for {filepath} and similar codes, to escape \n sequences that might appear in the paths. This is mainly useful when using {filepath} as the message text in a {dlgstring} dialog.
  • Added an option to the Preferences / Folders / Folder Behaviour / Prevent automatic loading... section to prevent automatic loading of powered-down drives.
  • There is now a separate image_size_units setting, distinct from image_res_units (in Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced). For example, you can have resolution in DPI and physical sizes in centimetres.
  • Added option to Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts for a separate "destination" folder tree color (i.e. the tree that is linked to the destination file display).
  • The folder alias system now supports accessing drives by their volume label, using /$ (e.g. /$Backup/ would refer to a drive labeled Backup).
  • Added Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Zip Files / Set archive date to date of newest file within it option. When enabled, the last modified timestamp of a Zip archive will automatically be set to the time of the newest file within the archive.
  • When in Tiles mode with thumbnails enabled, thumbnails can now be displayed in popup InfoTips as well, provided the image in the infotip is significantly larger than the image displayed in tile.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed problem when synchronizing with the root of a library.
  • Fixed unnecessary query of target folder when dragging a file over a non-active folder tab (prevents powered-down drives from spinning up and blocking the user interface).
  • Fixed problem with metadata for WMA, AVI and font files not working correctly in libraries.
  • The "My Computer" free-space bar-graphs were broken/invisible on Windows XP.
  • Fixed problem with file timestamps not being copied correctly (or rather, copied and then reverted back to the current time) when copying files across a network.
  • Improved file change update speed. (Should improve perceived responsiveness of functions like Rename, Copy, etc.)
  • Fixed problems with file selection changing, focus being lost, or focused item not being visible, at the end of an inline rename operation.
  • The BitLocker password prompt was not being triggered properly for a locked, fixed drives (only for removeable disks).
  • In Thumbnails mode, the shift-select starting point was not updated when a new file was pasted into the folder.
  • Creating a shortcut by dropping a server (e.g. \\SERVER) from the Network folder to a local folder now works.
  • Multiple delete commands on a button now display a separate confirmation dialog for each command.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Unknown file types" file type could incorrectly affect a shortcut pointing to a network share.
  • The right-click drag&drop menu displayed for items from the Network folder did not dismiss correctly when clicking outside of the menu.
  • Fixed bug with drops to folder tabs for system namespace folders (e.g. the recycle bin) not working correctly.
  • Archives plugin updated to handle command-line syntax change in WinRAR 4.20 beta 1.
  • Fixed problem where the owner of a file was not correctly copied (assuming the option to do so was on in Preferences).
  • The left folder tree was a pixel or two too thin after swapping the left and right sides of a dual-display lister.
  • cbr and cb7 extensions are no longer excluded from the Archives filetype group. (You can still remove them manually if you wish, e.g. so that double-clicking those formats opens them in a dedicated Comic Book viewer.) If you're upgrading from, the extensions will still be excluded and the quickest way to add them is via Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Archive and VFS Plugins: Turn off the cbr and cb7 types, click Apply, then turn them back on and click Apply again.
  • Set COLUMNSTOGGLE buttons that specified the column position and width did not correctly appear as checked when the column was turned on.
  • Fixed flickering selection background if you dragged a folder from outside of Opus and then moved it over itself in an Opus window which was displaying its parent folder.
  • When saving a layout, the current layout's name was not used automatically if the layout had been loaded via the Settings->Lister Layouts menu.
  • Double-click on a softlink to a .exe file now works correctly.
  • Fixed the text/hex viewer blocking deletion of files, or triggering a UAC prompt, in some circumstances. (Files larger than 2MB, not using the recycle bin.)
  • Fixed problem with Comic-Book Thumbnails not working in libraries.
  • Fixed right-hand side of breadcrumbs path field not always repainting properly when Lock the Toolbars was toggled.
  • Nested archives now work, as well as nested archives work in Opus at all, within archives handled by the Multi-Format Archives plugin. If you double-click a nested archive it will be extracted to temp, and you'll then open the temp archive. Any changes to it will still be thrown away, the same as archives nested within zip files. (This is about things like zip files inside rar files. This is unrelated to *.tar.* nested archives which the plugin has always explicitly supported, treating them as a single unit and allowing updates.)
  • {filepath|noterm} now works for files as well as folders. In most cases you'd simply use {file} to get just the name, but {filepath|noterm} is useful if you need folder names to have a backslash at the end, which doesn't happen with {file}.
  • The quick filter (filter bar / FAYT) now supports patterns beginning with ~ (to negate) even when partial machine is enabled (e.g. ~.exe will show all but .exe files).