10 August 2012

Directory Opus (Beta)

Directory Opus beta is now available for all Opus 10 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

New features and minor changes:
  • Added option for "label filters" to Preferences / Favorites and Recent / File and Folder Labels, which allows the use of advanced filter control to label files and folders (for example, you can make all files newer than 1 hour red). Also added checkboxes to the list of labeled files and folders which lets you turn filters off without deleting them.
  • There is now a button in the About dialog to copy the Opus and Windows version information to the clipboard.
  • The Filter Bar now shows a balloon tip when you type ( ) [ ] ' ~ # explaining that they are wildcard characters and need to be escaped with an extra ' if you want to match their literal values.
  • Added Display labels option in Preferences / File Display Modes / Thumbnails to make it possible to display thumbnails with no labels. Also added Set THUMBNAILLABELS command to make the change from a command.
  • Added Shell column clause to the advanced filter control that allows searching on the value of a shell column extension. Performs either a simple wildcard match against the value, or limited numeric comparison (supports != == < > <= >= && || and decimal numbers only).
  • Added "seconds" as a unit for the Time-within clause in the advanced filter control
  • Added Hide unaffected items and Reveal hidden items commands to the file display background context menu when using the Synchronize tool. Also added the Select HIDEUNAFFECTED and Select SHOWUNAFFECTED commands.
  • Added the @ifpath and @ifpathr command modifiers, which let you perform simple branching in commands based on the current source folder.
  • Added some new features for inline rename:
    • Rename INLINE=endstem command to position cursor at the end of the filename stem (but without selecting it).
    • If the Retain cursor position option is OFF, when moving up/down between files the original selection type is now preserved. Previously, the value of the INLINE argument was only looked at for the first file, and all others defaulted to "stem".
    • Added a new Preferences category - File Operations / Inline Rename. This contains the two existing inline rename flags which were previously in File Operations / Options, as well as a new option that lets you configure the default selection behavior when inline rename is initiated.
  • Improved change notification handling to better support programs that use "safe-save" techniques:
    • This makes Opus see "safe-save" and "ReplaceFile" events as if the old file was being updated rather than renamed/deleted and replaced with a new file.
    • It means you can select a Word doc and it should stay selected when you save over it. Or a PNG which you overwrite with Photoshop.
    • Similarly, it should fix larger JPEGs being de-selected when modified via the metadata panel.
    • It may also help collections keep track of files better when they are replaced with new versions.
  • In the standalone image viewer, you can now use * and / on the numeric keypad for Grow-To-Page and Original-Size
Bug fixes:
  • The Filter Bar's drop-down extensions list now escapes wildcards when building the filter, if the extensions contain wildcard characters like ~.
  • Fixed the Filter Bar's drop-down list truncating the display of longer extensions unnecessarily.
  • Fixed a problem in Vista/Windows 7 where Opus could incorrectly determine whether the recycle bin was enabled or disabled on a specific drive.
  • When moving a directory into a destination handled by the Archives plugin, the directory's contents would be moved but the (empty) directory itself would be left in the source, if a directory of the same name was already in the archive.
  • Fixed folder merge prompt not being displayed when moving a folder on the same device (i.e. by rename). Also fixed move operations aborting if there was an error at a folder level (very rare) and Skip was chosen.
  • Fixed images added via "Prefs ADDBACKGROUND" not working until Opus was restarted.
  • Fix for pasting clipboard images into files (ctrl-v in the file display) when the image data came from a .Net application (which used the .Net clipboard API rather than P/Invoking the native ones). (Workaround for apparent bug in .Net or OleGetClipboard.)
  • Changes to Collections are now saved every five minutes, even for Collections which are left open in a window. (Previously, they would only be saved when you navigated away from them.)
  • Fixed certain situations where changes to file collections would not be saved when a config backup was made, because the changes had not been written to disk yet.
  • Fixed truncated directory name in drag & drop tooltip when dragging into the sub-sub-folder of a Library.
  • Fixed button editor menus inserting the wrong arguments for the Set command if your system had more than a handful of shell extension columns installed (forum thread).
  • Fixed files being moved via slow copy-then-delete instead of rename when dragging folders below the Temp folder, using the folder tree. (Folders in other locations, or dragged via the file display, were not affected.)
  • Fixed pattern matching behaviour with certain nonsense repeated expressions, which could previously cause long delays or, in some cases, infinite loops
  • File-in-use errors now show which process is locking the file in a few more situations.
  • File-in-use errors now report the name of the application as well as its EXE path.
  • Fixed a problem where control sequences like {file} would fail to resolve library paths if a Select command had been used in the same function.
  • Copying files from an archive in a library is now much quicker.
  • Fixed "Close ALLLISTERS=collapse" (which moves all other open listers into new tabs in the active lister, and closes the other windows) with certain combinations of tabs in the current and/or other listers.
  • Workaround for Universal Graphics Viewer plugin causing PDF and some other document formats to be included in the viewer's next/prev image lists.
  • Fixed the progress dialog "jumping" around sometimes when changing from one queued copy to another.
  • Fixed what happened if you aborted a paused copy job while another was queued behind it. The next job would start running with parts of the progress dialog still indicating it was paused. Now, the next job remains paused and the dialog shows the correct state.
  • Workaround for conflict with "Actual Tools Multiple Monitors" which modifies the behaviour of Opus in a way which caused queued copy operations to abort if you changed folders (or various other actions) after queuing two or more file copies.
  • Filetype descriptions were not localized in some cases.