5 February 2015

Roundup of Opus extensions

Directory Opus 11 introduced the ability to write and share extensions in the form of script add-ins.

Many add-ins have been shared over the months since.

You do not need to know anything about scripting to use most of these creations. Think of them like web browser extensions which change how Opus behaves or add new features. If you have Opus 11 Pro, you drag & drop an add-in to start using it straight away.

To help you find useful add-ins, and get an idea of what they can do, the great Dear Opus... user-written tutorial has been updated with an overview of some of the more interesting scripts:

Follow the link and you might find something that helps you get things done better or faster.

The roundup focuses on scripts which add commands you can use on your toolbars buttons or hotkeys, but there are also scripts which add new file display columns (like the Regex Columns one featured in the roundup, or the CoverArt dimensions one which reports the resolution of coverart inside music files) or which do things like automatically close folder tabs, or automatically create folders on the other side of Navigation Lock.

The Resource Center: Script Buttons & Add-Ins sub-forum is where you can find even more shared add-ins, if that round-up wasn't enough for you.

Of course, Opus also still supports viewer and virtual file-system plugins. This roundup is just about the new script add-ins which you may not have explored yet, especially if you thought they were only for people who knew about scripting.