3 November 2017

Directory Opus 12.6.3 (Beta)

Directory Opus 12.6.3 (beta) is now available for all Opus 12 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

This is an Opus 12 update. If you are using Opus 11 or earlier then you should not install this beta unless you want to upgrade to Opus 12.



  • Added support for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update version of Microsoft OneDrive. Sync status for files is shown in the Availability column, and an icon representing the sync status is shown (by default) in the Status column (a new option in Preferences / Folders / Folder Display lets you turn this off if you want). The sync icons are also shown in the icon display modes.
  • The new P attribute (for "pinned") is shown for files that are marked as Always available on this device.
  • A new Folder Type format has been added to Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats which controls the default format for OneDrive folders (turning on the Status and Availability columns).
  • A new Launch Options dialog is displayed when you drag an exe file to a toolbar in Customize mode. The dialog lets you choose whether the program will run on its own or be passed selected files, and similar options. You can set it to always use those options when dragging other exes to toolbars in the future (hold Ctrl to make it appear again afterwards).
  • The Replace File dialog now shows the locations (not just names) of the files, and you can now hover over extremely wide, truncated strings to see tooltips with their full details.
  • In path fields, when the path completion drop-down is visible, you can now use Tab and Shift-Tab for the next and previous matches, as synonyms for the Down and Up cursor keys.
  • In path fields with path completion enabled, when neither the drop-down nor the path-completion pop-up list is visible, the up/down cursor keys now do nothing. Previously, they would trigger immediate navigation to an entry from the history list, or whichever list the path field's drop-down was set to. Once the completion pop-up or drop-down list is open, the cursor keys will move through the list. (Note that F4 is the hotkey to open the drop-down, as is standard in Windows.)
  • Breadcrumbs path fields have a new DragIgnoreSelf option which blocks drag & drop from the field to itself, to avoid accidents.
  • Breadcrumbs path fields have a new EditEnd option which positions the cursor at the end of the path string when you start editing the path, making it easier to type a sub-directory or modify the last path component. By default, the whole path will be selected, making it easier to type a completely new path, as before.
  • Added Ctrl-L as a default hotkey for the path field, and changed the default Calculate Folder Sizes hotkey from Ctrl-L to Ctrl-K. (This will only affect new configurations, unless you revert your toolbars to the factory defaults or make similar changes yourself.)

  • The colors used by the text viewer plugin are now configurable via Preferences / Viewer / Plugins / Text / Configure.
  • Added an option to suppress the warning about slow searches due to unindexed folders when using Windows Search. Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: search_warn_nonindexed.
  • Added a Preferences option to disable the underline when single click mode is active and the mouse hovers over a filename. Preferences / File Displays / Mouse / Underline items on hover.
  • Added new unique parameter to Close ALLLISTERS=collapse,unique which will collapse all tabs in all windows into the current Lister without opening any duplicate tabs.
  • Added new advanced settings, notify_max_time and notify_min_items, which can diagnose rare situations where the file display cannot keep up with the number of filesystem change events being produced. See the help file for more detail.
  • The Prefs BACKUPRESTORE command now respects the TO, PASSWORD and DESC arguments to override the default backup filename and pre-supply a password or description when using the interactive backup UI. (Previously, these only worked when doing fully automated backups.)
  • Configuration backup filenames now use yyyy-MM-dd as the default date format, so the backups are easier to sort.

  • .dcf files (created by drag & drop from the toolbar) are now written as UTF-8 if they contain any characters above the ASCII set (> 0x7f). Previously they would be saved as UTF-16, and only if they contained characters above 0xff.
  • On Windows 10, if the file display is showing a tooltip and the mouse is over it, using the mousewheel now scrolls the file display. (By default, Windows 10 delivers mousewheel events to the window under the mouse pointer, not the window with focus. The tooltip now forwards them to the file display.)
  • Any file display tooltip is now hidden when you scroll with the mouse wheel.
  • When using Alt + mouse wheel to scroll both sides of a dual-display Lister at once, fixed the sides not always scrolling the same distance if wheel acceleration was on.
  • Fixed a problem with file change notifications getting lost when a large number of changes are generated at once (particularly on slow devices like network shares).
  • Windows key system hotkey overriding works again after the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.
  • Fix for context menu icons from the "File Menu Tools" shell extension (and possibly others) having black fringes.
  • Fixed crash running SetAttr META * command on some MP3 files.
  • Tree label filters: Fix for drive roots and certain folders under Desktop being match by label filters that specified only matching files.
  • Tree label filters: Fix for drive roots in the folder tree not working properly with label filters which included path or name clauses.
  • Tree label filters: Fix for library roots in the folder tree not being colored by label filters until a refresh.
  • Tree label filters: Fix for the Desktop branch's user profile folder not updating for label filter changes after the tree was first built.
  • Fix for rare situation where the folder tree opened with branches expanded to two levels instead of one.
  • The Size On Disk column for folders now takes into account full-volume compression. (This was already the case for files, as well as for folders where individual files were compressed but not the whole volume.)
  • The standalone viewer no longer blocks things like the Calculator key on certain keyboards and mice.
  • Standalone viewer hotkeys now allow you to re-bind special keys such as the Calculator one on some keyboards. (This was already possible for Lister hotkeys.)
  • Fixed rare situation where deleting a standalone viewer hotkey did not work or crashed.
  • Fixed crash if you ran Copy TO=ask, selected a library, and then edited the path.
  • Fixed problem with status bar incorrectly showing a double bottom border in some situations.
  • Fixed some issues with sub-collections. For example, after deleting a sub-collection, you would not be able to create a new one with the same name and path until Opus was restarted.
  • Fixed Remove from Collection not working via right-click context menu.
  • Fix/workaround for bug in Windows 10 where dragging a large number of files could result in the drag cursor and description being drawn incorrectly, or even a crash in some cases.
  • Fixed problem in some zip files where the description for a folder within the zip could be generated from one of the files within the folder.
  • Fixed duplicate entries when the Quick Access folder is shown in the Recent list in the folder tree.
  • Fix for {allfilepath} and similar forcing a space before the first path, if there wasn't one already, when automatic quoting was off.
  • Opus now handles ERROR_NO_SUCH_LOGON_SESSION (1312) errors correctly when connecting to a network share.
  • Fixed crash which could occur sometimes if you ran (a large number of) Find operations in parallel from the same script.
  • Tooltips for buttons at the bottom of the screen (e.g. docked toolbars) will no longer appear overlapping the mouse pointer (which caused them to vanish as soon as they appeared).
  • Tooltips on the status bar are moved up a bit when appearing above the mouse, to help avoid accidentally popping them by moving the mouse into them.
  • Fixed the Rename dialog's "clipboard" button being pushed off-screen when the presets list was resized.
  • Fix/workaround for Windows bug where double-clicking a .URL shortcut in a folder path with non-ANSI/OEM characters would result in an error message, at least with some web browsers.
  • Fixed Close ALLLISTERS=collapse so it no longer turns on the dual file display with an empty folder tab if none of the collapsed windows had dual displays.
  • Fixed issue with rename preview showing the wrong file numbering when two folders with the same name (e.g. via Find or Flat View) were selected for recursive renaming.