13 April 2018

Directory Opus 12.7.4 (Beta)

Directory Opus 12.7.4 (beta) is now available for all Opus 12 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.



  • Added support for Dropbox Smart Sync (Opus now recognises when files are "available online only", can display thumbnails for offline files, etc).
  • Added the Set TABPOSITION command that lets tab position be modified on a per-Lister basis.
  • Added the Set LISTERSIZE=auto command, which automatically resizes the Lister to fit the current columns (in details/power mode only).
  • The Clipboard SCREENSHOT command now allows the name to be configured when the save option is used, using the name: option. %date% can be used to insert the current date.
  • Secure screenshot now works correctly in mixed-DPI situations.
  • Secure screenshot of the whole desktop now blurs desktop icon labels as well.
  • Opus can now show product version, product name, company name and digital signature status for MSI installer packages.
  • AudioTags plugin updated to populate Composers and Conductors file display columns for FLAC, iTunes/M4A, Ogg Vorbis and APE audio files.
  • The Jobs Bar text and background colors can now be configured in Preferences.
  • String dialogs shown by the Dialog.GetString script method now support the select property.
  • StringSet objects can now be initialised from automation arrays (vbscript) and Vector objects.
  • Added the Func.argsmap property which presents the arguments for a script command as a Map object.
  • Added a way for a script that implements the OnDoubleClick event to indicate that it wants to be invoked with only the path to the double-clicked item rather than a full Item object (which may be slow to construct, e.g. on network paths):
    1. Set the new ScriptInitData.early_dblclk property to True.
    2. OnDoubleClick will then be called with a new property early set to True in the DoubleClickData object.
    3. When early is True, the item property is not present; instead, the new path property provides the full path of the object, and the new is_dir property indicates whether the item is a folder or file.
    4. When the OnDoubleClick method returns, it will be called a second time, with early set to False and a full Item object available in the item property.
    5. If the script sets the new skipfull property to True in the DoubleClickData at the "early" stage, the second call to OnDoubleClick doesn't occur.
  • When pasting a clipboard image to a file in a Lister the busy indicator is now shown to indicate activity (as otherwise it can sometimes not be obvious that anything is happening).
  • The viewer now shows a wait cursor while saving over the current image, since it can take a while (e.g. huge PNG images).
  • Fixed the metadata panel's date fields showing the wrong day names when not being edited, if you had added day names to the system-wide short date format.
  • Fixed "inherit columns from other formats" preventing a format from overriding the Default format's column sizes. Also fixed an issue where certain combinations of columns in the inherited and main format resulted in column sizes being shifted (e.g. Column 3's size applied to column 2, and so on).
  • Fixed grid lines being invisible over columns with background colors in some situations, and improved centering of grid lines when "use visual styles to draw items" is off.
  • Fixed tooltips displaying Opus-generated folder thumbs without proper borders.
  • The CLI DOSPROMPT command will now use the current folder set by the CD instruction (if supplied), e.g:

        cd "c:\program files"
  • When running ad-hoc DOS and WSL commands from the FAYT, support for internal commands is now automatically disabled (so you can type e.g. |find. and have it run the Linux find command rather than the Opus internal Find command).
  • When using the Go FOLDERCONTENT command with the useshell option, sub-folders that only contain files and not folders will now be expandable.
  • Fixed problem where the tooltip for a folder with folder.jpg inside would not render any folder thumbnail at all.
  • Fixed issues with folder thumbnails in Tiles and Details+Thumbnails modes (images could draw outside the folder border).
  • Fixed rename with delete-and-replace over an existing file failing if UAC elevation was required to delete the existing file and the Lister or command was already elevated.
  • Fixed problem where a newly created library would not update in the tree to show added member folders until the tree was refreshed.
  • Reworked the way Opus enumerates printers to prevent delays during startup (and possibly other times) caused by Windows taking a long time to process network printers.
  • Fixed problem where using Image CONVERT to convert from a picture in a zip file to the same zip file could cause a deadlock.
  • The simple Find panel now shows help bubbles again when wildcard characters like ( and ) are typed.
  • The simple Select dialog no longer shows the wildcard help bubble as soon as it appears if the edit control already has wildcards in it from the last time.
  • Workaround for Windows bug that caused parts of the Preferences / File Operations / Filters page to be drawn incorrectly after displaying the wildcard help bubble.
  • Fixed Expand & Scroll not working in the preview panel for raw camera files, and others loaded via simple bitmap plugins.
  • Improved Open With menu compatibility with Explorer when multiple versions of a program are installed side-by-side (e.g. Adobe Premier).
  • It's now possible to drag a file collection to a toolbar in Customize mode to add a button to go to that collection.
  • Fixed problem with the Filetype CONTEXTMENU command when a folder was selected - if it was present in the File menu following Filetype CONTEXTMENU=Directory\Background, it would generate commands (e.g. "Open in Explorer") for the wrong folder.
  • Also fixed longstanding issue where context menus in the File menu could end up in the wrong spot (e.g. below the Exit Directory Opus command).