16 May 2019

Directory Opus 12.14.1 (Beta)

Directory Opus 12.14.1 (beta) is now available for all Opus 12 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.



  • Added Play STOPALL command, which can be used to stop any currently playing sounds that were started in QUIET mode (i.e. those without a visible dialog).
  • Added MULTIFUNC argument to Favorites and Recent commands. When set, the generated list of favorites (or recents) will be three-button buttons, with left-click opening on the left, right-click opening on the right (dual display) and middle-click opening a new Lister or tab.
  • Added Ignore diacritics options for both the FAYT and the Filter Bar (Preferences / File Displays / FAYT and Filter Bar Options). For example, when on, if you type fe into the file display it will now also match files starting with (assuming your system locale considers e and é related).
  • Added an option to Preferences / Folder Tabs / Options to allow the delay before a folder tab is selected when dragging over it to be configured (or to disable selection altogether).
  • Added Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Cosmetic]: custom_network_folder_icons advanced option, which allows the location field and folder tabs to display customized folder icons for network folders. Turning this on may cause problems if you have folder tabs pointing to inaccessible machines.
  • Added Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Behavior]: wsl_distribution option to specify the distribution to use for WSL commands.
  • Simple wildcard and regex labels now have a checkbox to specify whether the pattern needs to match the full path or just the file or folder name. If you're just testing an extension like *.doc then it doesn't matter, but this makes it easier to, say, highlight files with names matching FW*.doc.
  • Buttons using the Set TREEROOT command now indicate their state, and you can use the command in @if conditions. ( @ifset:TREEROOT=reset )
  • Thumbnails for shortcuts that have custom icons now show the icons instead of thumbnailing what the shortcut points to, consistent with Explorer. ( Disabling thumbnail generation on a per folder/file type basis )
  • When other programs request a folder be opened with a file selected, the short delay before the selection is scrolled into view has been removed.
  • The folder tab group preview in Preferences now shows NavLock'd tabs with italic labels, consistent with the real tabs in the Lister.
  • Menu items generated by Filetype SENDTOMENU=nosub at the top level now inherit the parent button's label position and separator.
  • Folder Options > Save dialog is slightly improved for keyboard access.
  • If you use inline rename but don't push return, and then change folders via the tree or breadcrumbs, the rename is now applied instead of being cancelled. (Consistent with File Explorer, and requested on the forum.)
  • With friendly dates on, day names now come from Opus instead of the OS. Solves the issue where e.g. "Today" comes from Opus and "Monday" from the OS, and the two are set to different languages. BETA REMINDER: Other languages may see English day names until translations are updated.
  • Improved Go /quickaccess FOLDERCONTENT command for adding the Quick Access folder to a menu (e.g. the Favorites menu).
  • The ContextMenu command used to be unable to access certain context menu items (e.g. the OneDrive Share a OneDrive link command). These now work (in that case, via label since there is no associated verb). The ITEMMENU argument is now on by default, unless the command is being run from a background context menu, as it is normally wanted and leaving it out means many context menu commands are unavailable.
  • Tweaked {foldercontents} in Info Tips. The changes in 12.10 caused huge wall-of-text pop-ups for some folders, so we've dialled back the defaults to a max name length of 40 characters and a max item count of 10. In addition, the item count now applies to files and folders in total, instead of individually.
  • Improved support for updating file icons after a file type association change.
  • The @hideifpath and @disableifpath modifiers now work if you put quotes around the path (although the quotes aren't necessary in this case).
  • File change notifications are now deferred while the file display scrollbar is held down to prevent the scroll operation being interrupted by background file changes.
  • When the file list is filtered (e.g. using the filter bar) or scrolled, any outstanding requests for metadata are now re-ordered to prioritise the currently displayed files. For example, if you turn on the Product Version column, and go to C:\Windows\System32 and filter the list, the versions for the filtered results should now come back much quicker than if you had to wait for information to be generated for the whole folder.
  • Made some changes to the way the "auto-select next file after deleting" option is implemented to hopefully make it more reliable.
  • Aliases now work in Find/Filter clauses Full Path, Location and Target.
  • Tweaked the speed and quality of scrolling in thumbnails and icon modes.
  • OneDrive has a problem where sometimes it will start returning "sync pending" as the status for all files; this version adds an additional method of querying the sync status to hopefully overcome this issue.
  • Scripting: Before a script dialog opens, Opus now checks the specified coordinates are on-screen and fixes them if they are not. This fixes problems caused by saving coordinates with one monitor setup and loading them into another. You can prevent this using the new position_fix property in the rare situations where you want to open a dialog off-screen.
  • Scripting: Rect objects have a new ToString method as a convenience when debugging.
  • Scripting: SysInfo has new methods to get monitor work areas (like the full monitor rectangles, but excluding things like the Taskbar and docked toolbars) and the invisible shadow/resizing borders around windows.
  • Fixed bogus UAC prompt when copying metadata to read-only file.
  • Fixed being unable to save manual sort data if the folder was read-only, hidden, etc. (e.g. Due to giving it a custom folder icon.)
  • Fixed a problem with MP3 metadata showing strings from the ID3v1 tag instead of the ID3v2 tag in some cases.
  • Fixed changing tabs while the filter bar was active sending subsequent keypresses into the now hidden filter in the previously active tab. ( Filter bar focus issue )
  • If you had two Locked (Allow Changes) tabs linked in NavLock mode, changed folders, then reset to the home folder and changed folders again, NavLock would stop working and show an out-of-sync error. This has been fixed.
  • When folder tab close buttons were turned off, the subordinate "small close buttons" option affected the way lock icons were drawn.
  • Fixed a rare crash which could happen when closing the last folder tab via middle click or double click.
  • Fixed MultiView plugin context menu not opening where the mouse pointer was.
  • Fixed file display grouped by Type not re-grouping files which were renamed to new types.
  • Fixed crash when right-clicking Bitlocker-locked drive icon in the folder tree.
  • Fixed the Help > Check For Program Updates command not displaying the Update Checker if an automatic update check had already begun in the background and become stuck in some way.
  • Fixed problem removing certain metadata fields from a PNG file (creation software, author, copyright) when that metadata was only present as a PNG TeXT chunk rather than as EXIF/XMP metadata.
  • Workaround for invisible menus and other pop-ups caused by Plays.TV screen capture software.
  • Fixed issues identified in Manually-added picture metadata not being retained relating to some image metadata.
  • Fixed problem with certain combinations of folder tree preferences that could mean the User Profile folder wasn't added to the tree even if it was enabled.
  • Fix for crash reported in "dopus_fileinfo" error on every startup of Directory Opus.
  • Fix for crash when right-clicking .MP3 files in French Windows locale.