9 February 2021

Directory Opus 12.23.1 (Beta)

Directory Opus 12.23.1 (beta) is now available for all Opus 12 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.


Changes since 12.23:

  • Added a new folder tree option: FTP Site roots always to go initial folder. Changes what happens when you're already connected to an FTP site and then click its name in the folder tree again, for sites with an initial folder specified in their FTP Address Book entry. Whether this option is on or off, if you are not connected to an FTP site and click its name in the folder tree, you will connect to the site and navigate to its initial folder (if it has one). The option changes what happens if you then click the site again: If the option is off (the default), you will go to the site's root folder. If the option is on, you will go to the site's initial folder. The option only affects what happens when you click the site in the tree using the mouse; selection via the keyboard, and navigation via things other than the tree, are not affected.
  • The Find command's ADVANCED and SIMPLE arguments are now ignored in situations that don't open the find panel.
  • The advanced find (filter control) now allows searching by music bit depth.

  • The Description column now reports the type of ARM64 executables.
  • EXIF tags written by Opus no longer have a UTF-8 BOM prefix. (This was in the release notes for 12.22 but the change was left out by mistake.)

  • Fixed cosmetic issues in the metadata editor's date-time fields, when multiple files were selected with fields that had the same date or time but not both.

  • When a button editor is open, most actions which move, cut or delete the item being edited, or a parent of it (e.g. items inside menus) are now blocked to avoid losing edits.

  • Fix for Print/Export Folder not working correctly, and taking an extremely long time, if a graph column was collapsed to zero width.
  • When the current drive is removed and the Lister reverts automatically to showing the This PC folder, the removed drive's paths are no longer removed from the history list - so if the drive is reconnected you will be able to click Back to get back to the previous location.
  • The text viewer now lets you choose a bold/italic font (and hex viewer lets you choose a bold font).

  • OneDrive's context menu is now included when right-clicking the background of a OneDrive folder.

  • Hopefully fixed a problem with the duplicate finder which could cause a corrupted file list if a large number of results were returned.

  • The from/to fields at the top of the progress dialog can now be clicked to open a new Lister showing that folder.

  • The path field's Paste and Go context menu item is now enabled for paths containing aliases and envvars, and WSL /mnt/... paths, provided they resolve to fully qualified paths. (These already worked, but you had to paste and push return instead of using Paste and Go.)
  • Scripting changes:
    • The UnorderedSet.Exists method now works with sets containing things other than strings.

    • DOpus.LoadImage can now accept a Blob instead of a filename to decode an image from memory.

    • FSUtil has new GetTempDirPath, GetTempFilePath and GetTempFile methods, to make creating temporary files and folders easier.
    • FileSize.high and FileSize.low properties now return a DECIMAL type rather than a LONG (LONG types are signed; DECIMAL types are unsigned).

    • FileSize has a new val property, which returns the full 64-bit value as a DECIMAL type. Works in JScript, does not work in VBScript.
    • FileSize has new valhex, highhex and lowhex to return the values as hexadecimal strings.
    • FileSize can now be initialised with a hex string by prepending $ or 0x to the value (e.g. "$100").

    • Added File.path property which returns the path of the File object as a Path object (the default value only returns a string).

    • The File.Write method can now accept a string to write to the file as well as a blob/array. The string will be UTF-8 encoded.

    • The FSUtil.OpenFile and Item.Open methods now accept the d flag to mark the file as "delete-on-close". It will be automatically deleted when the file is closed.

    • The Map script object has new Get and Set methods as an alternative to using map("key"). For convenience [] can also now be used to access map members, but only if the key is completely numeric (e.g. map[123]) or begins with an underscore (map["_moo"]);