26 August 2021

Directory Opus 12.24.4 (Beta)

Directory Opus 12.24.4 (beta) is now available for all Opus 12 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.


Changes since 12.24.3:

Please note that as an experiment, on an ARM64 system the 12.24.4 installer will install the x64 build rather than the x86 build. If you're going to try the beta on ARM64 and previously had Opus installed you should backup your configuration and uninstall the 32 bit version before installing this version.
  • Fix for "not empty" error when attempting a non-recycle-bin delete of a non-empty folder which was flagged as a reparse point but was not a symbolic link or junction.
  • Fix for script dialog editor not allowing you to drag something away from and then back to its original position without releasing the mouse and dragging it again.
  • Opus now knows that .jfif files are JPEG images without having to inspect their contents, to work better with images saved by Chrome with incorrect extensions.
  • Fix for scripting metadata object not providing all types of metadata (e.g. image metadata) if, say, a file's User Comment was edited and the script (rather than file display columns, etc.) was then first thing to request the file's new information.
  • Go FOLDERCONTENTfilefilter and dirfilter parameters now support embedded quotes should you need to specify patterns containing commas, which would be parsed as the end of the parameter otherwise.
  • Go FOLDERCONTENT can now limit the number of files and dirs it shows using maxfiles=x and maxdirs=y. With recursive menus, the limit is applied separately to each level.
  • Go FOLDERCONTENT=nodirs now also excludes shortcuts to directories.
  • Fixed bug which resulted in high CPU usage and the Set As Default Lister dialog failing to open if the folder tree was locked and two toolbars with certain elements shared the same line.
  • If you lock the folder tree via the tree header, then hide the header, the tree will now be unlocked until the header is turned back on, even if you had used the Set TREELOCK command at some point in the past. The tree now only stays locked without a header if the lock was created via the command rather than the header.