5 March 2024

Directory Opus 13.3.5 (Beta)

Directory Opus 13.3.5 is now available.

Download (or use Help > Check for Program Updates in the program):

New in 13.3.5:

  • Added protection against startup hangs that seem to be caused by some cloud folders.

  • If a non-beta version is installed, and the update checker has downloaded a new beta, the download will now be discarded if you turn off beta updates.

  • Fixed icon overlays on toolbar buttons drawing the wrong icon.

  • Improved interaction between FAYT filter mode and the filter bar.

  • The 7zip plugin can now be used for normal .zip files instead of the Opus internal zip library, if desired. To enable this,

    • Disable Opus Zip integration by turning off Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Zip Files / Enable internal Opus Zip support.

    • Enable the Zip extension for the 7zip plugin under Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Archive and VFS Plugins.

    • If desired, turn on the Zip options under Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Context Menu.