22 February 2008

ActiveX Plugin v3.0.0.3

A new version of the ActiveX plugin is now available. You can get it from the the plugin's thread at the Resource Centre.

The plugin has had two updates since it was last mentioned on this page. Here's what's new:

Changes in v3.0.0.3 (21/Feb/2008):

  • Fixed, or at least reduced, problems when multiple Office viewers were open at once.
  • Fixed Excel not taking the focus after the file display was clicked and then Excel clicked.
  • Fixed focus being lost when the viewer has focus and is closed. (Fix required change to Opus as well as plugin, so won't be seen until the next Opus version is also released and installed.)
  • The plugin now attempts to restore focus back to the lister after documents are loaded.
  • The plugin tries to forward mousewheel messages to the viewer even when it is not active. This only works with some ActiveX controls.

Changes in v3.0.0.2 (13/Feb/2008):
  • Fixed Windows 2000 compatibility.
  • Fixed Office 2000 resizing.
  • Fixed Excel 2000 incorrectly displaying partial Web toolbar.
  • Fixed viewer window lock-up if viewer set to handle HTML files when double-clicked, and the HTML document was then scrolled to the bottom.
  • Fixed problems with Windows MAPI Preview Handler sometimes not responding, or causing the next file you view to be unresponsive. (e.g. When changing between .msg and .eml files a few times.)
  • Fixed bits of the ActiveX control sometimes being left over the Opus window after resizing rapidly.
  • Fixed loading Flash files with non-ASCII filenames via the Internet Explorer method. (Workaround for bug in Flash ActiveX control.)
  • Fixed problems caused by clicking links in Flash files when viewed via the Generic ActiveX method. These used to cause the viewer to exit and are now ignored completely (for security reasons). The Internet Explorer method, which is the default for Flash files, does not have this limitation.
  • Tested against standalone Office viewers without problems.