9 February 2008

Directory Opus version

Directory Opus

A new version is now available.

New features:

  • Rename script mode now has an alternative function that can be used for script languages that don't support "pass by reference" values.

    The original function definition (in VBScript) was:

    Function Rename_GetNewName ( strFileName, strFilePath, fIsFolder, strOldName, ByRef strNewName )

    with the strNewName parameter passed by reference. The new function definition is:

    Function Rename_GetNewName2 ( strFileName, strFilePath, fIsFolder, strOldName, strNewName )

    Note that the second function is called Rename_GetNewName2 and strNewName is no longer passed by reference. Instead, the new name for the file is provided as the return value from the function. In VBScript, this means:

    Rename_GetNewName2 = strNewName

    Both the old and new function variants are supported, so existing scripts will continue to work.

Bugs fixed:
  • When accessing a hidden network share (eg \\server\c$) the hidden share is now correctly shown in the Folder Tree.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause system namespaces like My Computer to appear very slowly for some people.
  • Jpeg file conversion/writing was broken in the x64 version, this has been fixed.
  • Flickr photo matching now displays a progress bar to indicate the length of the procedure.
  • Fixed a problem in Flickr synchronization that could cause Opus to erroneously remove photos from groups.
  • Fixed menu commands generated with the Marker MENU=File function. (e.g. Items in the File menu added inside system namespaces now work properly.)
  • Fixed a problem assigning some keys as hotkeys on French keyboards.
  • The status bar preview in Preferences now respects the configured colors for the status bar. Also, the {dlet} code is no longer ignored in the preview.
  • Dragging a file to an empty tab no longer causes a crash.
  • The standalone image Viewer menu is no longer editable and ignores Customize mode (it never supported editing, but would erroneously go into edit mode).
  • Mixing the rename command with user commands in the same function now works reliably (the user command now sees the new names of any renamed files).
  • Functions that use @admin to run elevated in Vista now work if UAC is disabled.
  • The archive bit is now set consistently when moving files between devices and on the same device.
  • Fixed a parsing problem with MS-DOS batch scripts user commands with a template and "&" in the body of the function.
  • The 'Select Zip File' dialog (shown using the Add To Zip... context menu function) now lets you create a new zip file on the desktop.
  • Password-protected zip files are now ignored when generating thumbnails and retrieving file descriptions.
  • Fixed window depth issue with Preferences dialog and plugin configuration dialogs (Prefs window would sometimes be sent to the back when closing a plugin config dialog that was on top of it).
  • Fixed a crash that would occasionally happen when opening the Plugins page of Preferences.
  • The time-only Lister columns now sort by time-only when clicked as opposed to date & time.
  • Changes made to a newly created Filetype function would sometimes be ignored.
  • Pressing control-backspace in the 'Find in' field of the Find dialog would remove the last path component from the field but the Find dialog would not notice the change and continue searching in the original path.
  • If a function has @set var = {dlgfolder} in it, cancelling the dialog folder now correctly aborts the entire function.
  • The meaning of the Go TABCLOSEALL=left and right arguments was swapped around.
  • Dragging and dropping multiple folders to a collection and selecting the 'copy as sub-collections' option no longer mixes up the sub-folder contents.