26 January 2009

New plugin: RTF Viewer/Editor

Dinkelhopper has released another new plugin for Opus. This one lets you view and edit Rich Text Format files:

As with Dinkelhopper's other plugins, this one is for 32-bit users only.

(They are 32-bit only because they're written using the Delphi programming language which doesn't yet support 64-bit. Unfortunately, working around the problem with Delphi plugins and 64-bit would be quite complicated. I read that the new owners of Delphi plan to introduce 64-bit support later this year, however.)

Dinkelhopper's other plugins have also had a few updates since they were mentioned on this blog a few days ago. Keep an eye on their respective forum threads if you want to stay up to date with them.

As with when my MayaIFF plugin was new, it's normal for there to be a bunch of small updates for new plugins as people try different files on them and discover issues. I'm assuming people reading this blog prefer the traffic to be minimal (else they'd be reading the forum instead) so I won't post about every update until things settle down.