7 January 2010

Directory Opus version

Directory Opus version - January 7th 2010

A free update for all Directory Opus 9 users is now available for download from GP Software.

Note for non-English users: The initial release was lacking translations but they have been added now.

Bugs fixed / minor changes:

  • Fixed a problem introduced in the previous version that could cause a crash when the content type system was activated.
  • Improved file date comparison in synchronize (particularly with the Ignore seconds option enabled)
  • Improved support for display of 256x256 .ICO files
  • Single locked tabs are now respected in the Default Lister or layouts (previously the lock state would be lost unless multiple tabs were configured)
  • Numeric sorting rules are now applied to custom fields so fields like the Tortoise SVN Revision field will sort correctly
  • Fixed scrollbar calculation problem in List mode that could result in weird behaviour depending on the size of the Lister
  • Fixed problem with {allfile} command sequence when filename contains multiple periods
  • Fixed support for PowerArchiver drag&drop menu
  • Fix for duplicate entries appearing in the Open With menu in some situations
  • Fix for buffer overflow in Raw plugin's config dialog
  • Fixed problem that could cause slow copy speeds to removable disks
  • Added support for additional file extensions to the CD jewel case thumbnail rendering (added .oga, .fla, .wv, .m4a, .m4p, .ape and .mpc)