7 December 2009

30% off Directory Opus

GPSoftware, makers of Directory Opus, have an end-of-year sale on at the moment where you can buy the program for 30% off:


Also remember that prices on their website are in Australian dollars, not US dollars. The US dollar price is usually less than shown, though it obviously varies with the exchange rate.

(Update) Here's the official wording:

GP Software are pleased to announce an end-of-year sale. For a limited time only, Directory Opus 9 is available for 30% off the regular price.

This sale price applies to 1, 2 and 5 licence packs purchased through the website at http://www.gpsoft.com.au

Existing Opus 9 users can also take advantage of the sale pricing to add additional licences, as the incremental licence price takes the 30% discount into account.