4 December 2009

Directory Opus version

Directory Opus version - December 3rd 2009

A free update for all Directory Opus 9 users is now available for download from GP Software.

The problem in this version which caused crashes for some new users of Opus 9 has been fixed in the release.

Bugs fixed / minor changes:

  • Several Windows 7 compatibility improvements:
    • Explorer Replacement mode stopped Safely Remove / Eject device from working correctly.
    • Explorer Replacement can now trap the Open command from the context menu of a folder in the Start Menu.
    • Adding the Virtual Machines folder to the Explorer Replacement exclusion list now correctly prevents that folder from being trapped. Opus also adds this folder to the list by default now.
    • Fixed a problem with some context menu items not acting correctly when multiple files are selected (e.g. Windows Media Player - Play and Queue commands now work correctly with multiple files).
    • The SendTo context menu is now compatible with Windows 7 (including when the shift key is held down).
    • The option to add File Collections to the Send To menu now works in Windows 7 (and Vista).
    • Toggling between Details and Thumbnails view modes now works correctly in system namespaces.
    • Reading of Homegroup folders now works correctly.
    • Improved support for Libraries (the "Include in Library" folder context menu now works, the Folder Tree now displays the library member folders, the Tree automatically updates when libraries are modified, and libraries now work correctly as a destination folder).
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using dopusrt to send the Select command to Opus.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when reading some PDF metadata.
  • FTP improvements:
    • Fixed a problem with FTP with PureFTPd and SSL not handling protected data correctly.
    • Fix for problem with bad servers not returning FD_CLOSE - could cause a folder listing to never complete.
  • Dragging and dropping from a TrueImage mounted backup image now copies sub-folders correctly.
  • Using the Clipboard COPY command in a file collection now works correctly when multiple files have the same filename.
  • Fixed problem with the Y / N key handling in a dialog when a button in that dialog had those keys as an accelerator.
  • The Folder Tree now displays drive letters/labels correctly when the system has been set to display letters first via the registry.
  • Adding files to the Search For list in the Duplicate File Finder now works correctly.
  • Improved Context Menu support, including the Adobe PDF 'Print' command, and the context menu provided by MediaInfo.
  • The CreateFolder command has a new NOSEL argument that prevents the newly created folder from being automatically selected.
  • The Toolbar STATE argument has a new floatactive option which floats a toolbar AND makes it active (useful when opening a Toolbar from a hotkey).
  • Fix for possible crashes from the context menu in the Viewer when accessed from the keyboard.
  • Fixed a layout issue in the Advanced Rename dialog that could cause the window to open with the bottom buttons off the visible screen.
  • Minor changes to hopefully fix a crash a few users were having when right-clicking on shortcut files.
  • Fix for slow copying to non-removable disks mounted as drive A: or drive B:.
  • The Open With menu now includes applications that were assigned via Vista/Windows 7's Default Programs system.
  • Fixed a problem in the ActiveX viewer with some IE-based viewers that could incorrectly take the input focus on opening.
  • Improved support for 32-bit BMP files (now handles V4 or V5 BMP files that use BI_BITFIELDS).
  • Fixed a bug in the status bar that could cause the text to not be correctly updated in a dual display Lister in some cases.
  • Fix for Explorer Replacement that stopped file selection from working in the newly opened folder (e.g. FireFox's "Open Containing Folder" command now correctly opens the folder in Opus and selects the target file).
  • Added an option for the JPEG loader to always uses the ICC color profile of the file if one exists (previously, the color profile was only used for CMYK images). This can be enabled from an option in Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced.
  • Added new THIS parameter for the Select command to select the file that currently has input focus (e.g. Select THIS).
  • Added new home parameter for the Go TABSELECT command to reset a locked tab to its home directory (e.g. Go TABSELECT=home).