1 October 2010

Directory Opus version (Beta)

This is an Opus Beta release only. If you aren't comfortable running the very latest version of Opus then you may like to wait for the next stable/public release.

To download the new beta version, visit the Directory Opus thread.

Bugs fixed / minor changes:

  • Fixed crash that could occur if the Set SORTBY function was called with a column that wasn't currently displayed.
  • Drag & drop of attachments from Outlook to a folder tab now works correctly.
  • Fixed problem with slide-out back/forwards buttons where they would not notice the mouse was no longer over them if the mouse moved during the slide animation.
  • Fixed the Go command's OPENINDEST argument so that it will use an existing destination Lister if the current Lister is not a dual-display one.
  • If two or more files on an FTP site were selected and 'Open' chosen from the context menu, they would in some cases be downloaded and opened multiple times.
  • New FTP Proxy for USER: user@proxy_user@host and PASS: password@proxy_password.