14 October 2010

Directory Opus version

Directory Opus version - October 14th 2010

A free update for all registered Directory Opus 9 users is now available for download from GP Software.

Direct Downloads:
Directory Opus x86 (32 bit)
Directory Opus x64 (64 bit)

Bugs fixed / minor changes:

  • Fixed crash that could occur if the Set SORTBY function was called with a column that wasn't currently displayed.
  • Drag & drop of attachments from Outlook to a folder tab now works correctly.
  • Fixed problem with slide-out back/forwards buttons where they would not notice the mouse was no longer over them if the mouse moved during the slide animation.
  • Fixed the Go command's OPENINDEST argument so that it will use an existing destination Lister if the current Lister is not a dual-display one.
  • Fix for the 'Open in Directory Opus' folder context menu item not working in Windows 7 if Explorer Replacement mode was disabled in some cases. This also fixes the 'Open folder to view files in Directory Opus' AutoPlay option if Explorer Replacement mode disabled.
  • Fixed crash when using the Print Folder command without any printers installed (or with print service disabled).
  • Fixed problem that prevented custom Folder Colors from working reliably in the tree.
  • If two or more files on an FTP site were selected and 'Open' chosen from the context menu, they would in some cases be downloaded and opened multiple times.
  • New FTP Proxy for USER: user@proxy_user@host and PASS: password@proxy_password
  • Fix for FTP sites that claim to support UTF-8 but return non-UTF-8 encoded directory listings.