10 January 2012

New guide: "Opus: The Other Manual"

A new guide to using and configuring Directory Opus has been written by Andy, aka Playful on the Opus forums.

You can read it here, on A Site About Nothing:

The guide walks you through Andy's personal configuration of Opus and discusses how and why he got there.

As you can guess from the name, the guide is long and detailed. Don't let that put you off because it is also laid out in a way which makes it very easy to digest. Even if you just scroll down the page, skimming the headings and screenshots, you'll still learn something new about Opus.

Since Andy is from outside the GPSoftware camp, his guide will give you a fresh perspective on Opus. Andy's quest to configure Opus the way he wants is sure to provide you with new ideas and techniques that you can use yourself.

We owe Andy many boxes of kittens for his brilliant contribution to the Opus community!