10 January 2012

"Open containing folder" opening two windows

If you are seeing a problem where clicking "Open Containing Folder" (or similar) in other programs causes two Directory Opus windows to open, don't worry; a fix is on the way.

So far, we are aware of this affecting Opus when launched by newer versions of uTorrent, Firefox 9 and Visual Studio 2010.

It seems that all three programs made similar changes to the ways they open folders in their more recent versions, with the side-effect that Opus opens two windows instead of one.

The other programs are not doing anything wrong; it was just unexpected, and it took us a while to work out what was going on. We don't know if the changes in all three (and possibly other tools we don't know about) were simply coincidence or if they were driven by something external. (I have a theory that it may related to differences between WINE and Windows, but it's just a guess.) Either way, it was good that we had three different programs to test with.

We have been testing a fix internally for a few weeks and it is looking good for inclusion in the next beta update ( Keep an eye on this blog, or the Opus forum or twitter feeds, to know when the beta version is available for download, if you'd like to get early access to it.