13 January 2017

Directory Opus 12.3.3 (Beta)

Directory Opus 12.3.3 (beta) is now available for all Opus 12 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

This is an Opus 12 update. If you are using Opus 11 or earlier then you should not install this beta unless you want to upgrade to Opus 12.



  • Floating toolbars set to auto-hide now have configurable delays before they start to slide on or off the screen, in addition to the old settings for the speeds of the slides themselves. The new settings, in Preferences / Toolbars / Options, can help avoid accidentally triggering a hidden toolbar when moving the mouse nearby.
  • Added an option to save the key file passphrase for SSH connections.
  • The Edit File Type dialog has a new tab (Replace Menu) which lets you configure menu items that will be shown in the context menu displayed when right-clicking on the file icons in the Replace dialog. This lets you add commands to compare the two files using an external tool.
  • The Save Folder Format dialog now has an "up" button which lets you quickly save the format for a parent folder of the current one.
  • When adding files to a collection using the Copy command, you can now use WHENEXISTS=replace or WHENEXISTS=skip to suppress error messages about any files which are already in the collection.
  • The {allfilepath|filem} and similar command sequences now have CROnly and LFOnly flags to specify that the output files should only have CR or LF characters between lines, rather than the default of CR,LF pairs. For example, {allfilepath|filem|lfonly}.
  • Wildcards now allow expressions such as ~grp:Images and ~(grp:Images) for negating file type group wildcards.
  • The Properties SETLABEL dynamic button command to generate menus or buttons for setting/toggling labels and status icons has new !noreset and !nostoponmatch parameters to prevent the Reset and Stop On Match options being added to the end of what it generates.
  • The Home and End keys in the Copy As dialog now stop at the file extension (unless already on it and pushed a second time), as already done in places like the Rename dialog.
  • Added Show VIEWERCMD=scroll,center command (scrolls image to center).
  • The image viewer now preserves the current relative scroll position when zooming in and out.
  • Added Set RELATIVESIZEGRAPHS and Set RELATIVEDATEGRAPHS commands to toggle the Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Show relative graphs behind size columns and Show relative graphs behind modified date columns options.
  • The viewer and preview pane have new options for accelerated scrolling while dragging images with the mouse. If off, the image moves 1:1 and the pixel you grab stays under the mouse pointer. If on, the image scrolls faster such that you can move across the entire image with a small mouse movement.
  • On a slow machine, it was possible to right-click a file, choose rename, then select another file before the rename began and end up renaming the second file. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed another z-order problem introduced by changes in the 12.3.1 beta.
  • The Select FROMSCRIPT HIDESEL command now works.
  • The Preferences / Launching Opus / Startup / Run a command option only worked if a user command was entered, but now works for any command.
  • Fixed Rename Find and Replace mode presets saved from Opus 12 always having the Ignore Extension checkbox turned on when re-loaded.
  • A @hideif test for a variable now works when the condition is negated (e.g. @hideif:!$glob:abc).
  • When files are filtered out of a recursive copy operation the progress dialog now adjusts the "total" counts to compensate.
  • Lister Themes now save and restore the Use for lister column headers and Use for lister scrollbars options in Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / Pane borders.
  • Fixed a bug where a toolbar button click could be ignored if at the same time a script triggered a particular change to the Lister (e.g. changed its state from source to destination).
  • Scripting:
    • A new DOpus.GetQualifiers method allows you to get the state of keys like Shift, Ctrl and Alt in situations where you aren't already given them. See the updated F1 help for a discussion of when it makes sense to use this vs other methods.
    • A new DOpus.TypeOf method lets you query the type of an Opus script object (returns a string identifying the object type corresponding to the type names documented in the Scripting Reference section of the manual).
    • The metadata.image.picdepth property incorrectly returned picheight and has been fixed.
    • Fix for Item.ShellProp failing on a file if some of its properties could be obtained but not all of them.
    • The OnViewerEvent is now called synchronously. This may break some existing viewer scripts, but was needed because the events could come in a random order before and events like "create" were inconsistent as to whether viewer.current had the first file or was empty. (It will always be empty now; use "load" to get the first file.)
    • Item objects returned by the FSUtil.ReadDir method now have their realpath property set correctly.