15 October 2021

Directory Opus 12.25.1 (Beta)

Directory Opus 12.25.1 (beta) is now available for all Opus 12 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.


Changes since 12.25:

  • Lister windows now take on the current folder's icon by default. (In a dual-display or multi-tab window, the source active folder tab's icon will be used.) A new option under Preferences / Display / Options lets you switch back to the color-coded Opus logo if you wish.
  • File display scrolling via the mouse wheel is now capped so it won't scroll more than a page, even if the mouse wheel is configured to scroll more lines than are visible. (Mainly helps with Details+Thumbnails mode and large thumbs combined with a wheel configured to scroll a lot more lines than usual.)
  • CreateFolder READAUTO now has left and right parameters which are like the old dual but always read the folder into a particular side.
  • Added metadata panel support for Composer, Conductor and Encoded By fields on FLAC, OGG and APE audio files. Also tidied up where the Encoded By data comes from for FLAC files.
  • Fixed incorrect display of multi-value ID3v2 tags written by Media Monkey.
  • Fixed situation where the standalone viewer's metadata editor still said changes were pending after clicking Apply.
  • Improved drag & drop editing of Favorites list in Preferences. As well as fixing a couple of bugs, it is now possible to control whether an item is dropped into or next to a Favorites branch by dragging it to the left or right of the branch's label. (The drop indicator lets you see what will happen before releasing the button.)
  • Fixed Add To Favorites dialog getting confused by Favorites tree branches with colons in their names, and made name filtering consistent between that dialog and the editor in Preferences.
  • Fixed some issues with the Copy command's HERE argument when combined with an explicit source argument (that wasn't the current folder) and the CREATEFOLDER argument, and similar.
  • You can now use the Copy MAKESFX HERE command on archives within collections (e.g. Find Results), where it will create the new exe in the same folder as the archive. (Similar functionality already existed for extracting archives in collections to their own parent folders.)
  • Script listviews can now use 0 as a group id.
  • Added workarounds for handling shortcut files under very long paths.
  • Find (Simple) now ignores the Type drop-down being set to File Type Group if no group is selected in the drop-down next to it.
  • Menus listing columns from multi-column scripts are now sorted by name. (This was incorrectly listed in the 12.21 release notes before the actual change was made.)