7 October 2021

Tutorial & discussion: Directory Opus Toolbar Editing

This is a second video with Leo Davidson, from the Directory Opus team, and hosted by Joe Glines of The Automator.


This is a mix of demonstration and discussion. The focus is on toolbar editing, but we cover a few different things as we go.


We've published this one on both our channels.


The one on the Opus channel has a quick intro added to introduce our audience to Joe, but otherwise the two videos are the same:




We hope this new format will mean we can put out videos more often (without spending a week editing everything to perfection, which means it's rare to find time to make videos at all). It's also great to have Joe in the videos asking questions which many in the audience will also want to know.


This one ended up a bit longer than intended. I'm still getting used to the format, and also need to improve my mic position / setup. But I think it turned out well and is well worth your time.


Thank you again to Jean Lalonde, author of Quick Access Popup, for suggesting this collaboration in the first place and setting up our previous video introducing Opus.


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