20 June 2022

Directory Opus 12.28.1 (Beta)

Directory Opus 12.28.1 (beta) is now available for all Opus 12 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.


Changes since 12.28:

  • Updated LibRaw, including support for new OM-1 cameras.
  • FLAC/Ogg publisher data now writes "ORGANIZATION" tag for better compatibility. (Both "ORGANIZATION" and "PUBLISHER" work when reading tags.)
  • Fixed incorrect metadata shown for audio files whose metadata comes from the Windows shell (e.g. .m4a files).
  • Fixed range selection via Shift + Page Down which, with the file display grouped and some of the groups collapsed, would not always immediately repaint all items to reflect their new states.
  • Fixed mouse cursor being confined until you alt-tab'd to another window if you opened a color picker, dragged its sliders with the mouse, then closed it with the Esc key without releasing the mouse button.