1 July 2011

Directory Opus version (Beta)

This is a beta version. If you aren't comfortable running the very latest version of Opus then you may like to wait for the next stable release.

Directory Opus is available now for all Opus 10 users:

This is a preliminary, beta release. It fixes a number of issues reported since the release of Directory Opus 10.

New features and minor changes:
  • Configuration saving now works around issues caused by people or programs unintentionally setting the read-only, hidden or system attributes on everything in the user profile.
  • The desktop.ini file in the CD staging area is now hidden from the display of writeable CDs
  • If a Lister opens showing the find/sync/dupe panel, the panel is given focus rather than the file display
  • UAC Elevation is now used for reading (as well as writing) when copying files, and in other functions (like GetSizes, etc). So folders that are permissioned to deny access to normal users can now be copied after an elevation prompt.
  • In Find (etc.) filters, changed spacing of the attribute checkboxes so it's clearer which checkbox is for which attribute.
  • Implemented an Icon Set caching system:
    • Icon Sets .DIS files are now cached in a way which can greatly reduce startup time, especially if you either have a lot of sets installed or sets made of lots of individual images (rather than image maps).
    • If you were suffering from slow startup times due to icon sets then the first launch of Opus after this update will take slightly longer, as the cache is generated, but subsequent startups will be much, much faster. (e.g. 10 seconds down to 1 second, in the worst-case situation).
    • It is still worth deleting any icon sets you do not use, as they still add slightly to startup time and they also use up memory.

Bug fixes:
  • The Go LAYOUT command now respects the layout's mouse-relative checkbox.
  • The MD5 column no longer displays the "<file too large>" message if the file is locked by another process
  • Send To menu shortcuts that refer to a file (rather than a folder) on a network share are now supported
  • Fixed crash reading metadata from some mal/strangely-formed exif tags
  • Using ' to escape wildcard characters did not work unless the pattern also contained a (non-escaped) wildcard. e.g. Select "Moo '(Cow')" wouldn't work.
  • The FAYT field now properly identifies ü and Ü as the same letter (and the same for other accented letters presumably)
  • Fixed problem with Lister coming to front on file change, triggered by previously performing a drag & drop when the Lister was not active
  • Fixed crash when browsing to (empty?) Homegroup folder
  • Selecting certain jumplist actions in other programs could cause Opus to be started unnecessarily (if not already running)
  • The Metapane now recognises when Admin mode is active and won't display a redundant UAC prompt
  • Deleting a library member folder from the tree now works properly
  • If a folder was created in a library which had been expanded in the tree, but the member folder HADN'T been expanded previously, subsequently expanding it would cause the newly created folder to be doubled (or sometimes tripled?) up
  • Fixed the Folder Tree re-rooting itself when it shouldn't in some cases
  • Sorting by the Label column was not always reliable
  • MP3 tags stored as ASCII (Latin1) are now converted using the default system codepage instead of always using ANSI
  • Fixed some problems with the replace dialog not showing jumbo icons when it could, and enlarging tiny thumbnails when it shouldn't
  • The Duplicate finder didn't update its saved path-list when closed if no dupe-check was actually performed after changing the paths.
  • The Duplicate finder, when the path-lock was on, merged its saved path-list with the current path when opening instead of replacing the path-list with the current path.
  • The Hours/minutes were swapped around for the Time field in the Simple Find dialog
  • The "Kaspersky Safe Folder" application is now supported better in the native My Computer view
  • Hot paths in the file display border were not underlined in the lower file display of a dual-horizontal Lister, if folder tabs were on top.
  • Opus no longer asks the Windows shell to extract document metadata (e.g. Author) from TIFF files larger than 64MB, by default. (The limit can be changed via Prefs / Misc. / Advanced / tiff_max_doc_metadata) This avoids problems with excessive memory usage when obtaining attributes and metadata for large TIFF files which were saved by Photoshop (which can write hundreds of meg of proprietary data into the TIFF headers).
  • The Viewer now saves its placement when closed even if set to autosize when opened. This fixes a problem where the viewer's maximized (or not) state was never updated if it was set to auto-size, leaving you stuck in (or out of) maximized mode unless you thought to turn off autosize, open, move and close the viewer, then set autosize back how you wanted it.
    When the viewer opens, the autosize mode still overrides the placement, as before. So, effectively, the maximized flag is just remembered now, instead of being stuck however it was.
  • Fix for double-clicks not working on filetypes where the class name contains two path components. e.g. "PCOMW\WS"
  • Advanced Rename dialog script checkbox didn't always become checked/unchecked when toggled, until the mouse moved away.
  • Advanced Rename dialog changed size slightly each time it was opened (if the preview or script panels were visible).
  • When tagging an image in the full-screen viewer, the tick that appeared had white bars above and below it.
  • The Advanced button editor size reduced slightly each time it was opened.