8 July 2011

Directory Opus version (Beta)

This is a beta version. If you aren't comfortable running the very latest version of Opus then you may like to wait for the next stable release.

Directory Opus is available now for all Opus 10 users:

This is a preliminary, beta release. It fixes a number of issues reported since the release of Directory Opus 10.

  • Added 'Automatically shrink panel' option to the Find panel. The Find function now also displays a busy indicator in the status bar, which makes it easier to abort the search if the panel is shrunk.
  • Wildcard file filters and the Find function now properly identify ü and Ü as the same letter (and the same for other accented letters -- similar to the fix for the FAYT field in the previous version).
  • Clicking on lib:// path components in the file display border, if library member folders were set to be shown individually, could sometimes fail to read the directory clicked on.
  • If the Lister was below a certain size vertically, shrinking and then expanding the utility panel could cause it to appear underneath (in z-order terms) the file displays.
  • The 'Automatically select next file after deleting' option now applies in the folder tree as well as in the file display (so if you delete a folder from the tree and this option is on, the folder's sibling will be selected rather than its parent).
  • Double-clicking on Office shortcuts now works (again).
  • Fixed crash in Raw Digital Camera plugin if image loading was started and then immediately cancelled (e.g. when moving through images using the cursor keys while the viewer pane was open).
  • EXIF metadata strings encoded as UTF-8 were sometimes not recognised as such.
  • The USB Launcher stub now checks for a minimum of XP SP3 before attempting to launch Opus.