2 March 2014

Directory Opus

Directory Opus is now available as a free update for all Directory Opus 10 users.


What's new:

  • Fixed a crash when selecting a drive from the dropdown drives list in a floating toolbar
  • In a button with a Go command followed by a Select command, the Select command did not work properly if the "Automatically select first file in folder" Preferences option was turned on
  • Fixed issue with path completion when clicking on a folder in the popup list if the cursor was not already at the end of the line
  • FTP root folder in the file display did not handle double-clicking on an addressbook sub-folder if it had high-bit characters in the name
  • The tooltip of a Go {destpath} or Go DESTPATH button is now correct
  • Favorites shown in the breadcrumbs dropdown now have ampersands stripped to match the favorites menu
  • Added basic support for touch-based scrolling in Windows 8
  • Fixed issue that caused slow MP3 metadata for files in libraries
  • Fixed problem with Flickr synchronization (it now works again)
  • A filetype action copied from one filetype and pasted to another was not saved unless the action was then edited manually
  • Creating a link via Alt+drag&drop in a library didn't work
  • Deleting a junction/link from the tree would show a confirmation dialog as if it were a real folder rather than a link
  • Fixed freeze on Windows XP machines after creating sub-collections
  • Fixed folder tab group preview in Preferences not always properly re-drawing the gap between left and right folder tabs
  • Fixed Rename dialog using a lot of CPU and memory if you typed a new name like #{modifieddate|D#ddMMyyyy} where the # to insert a counter was interpreting the numeric date after it as a request for an enormous amount of zero-padding.