24 March 2014

Directory Opus 11.1.3 (Beta)

Directory Opus 11.1.3 (beta) is now available for all Opus 11 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

32-bit version:    Universal    Deutsch
64-bit version:    Universal    Deutsch

  • Fixed problems using context menu on files below volume mount points, and improved the Description column's target display for the mount points themselves.
  • The selection box in the button editor icon picker now flashes quicker, to make it easier to see which icon is selected in the grid.
  • Fixed button editor icon picker reverting to the originally selected icon if you changed the selection and then toggled the icon size.
  • Workaround for bug in the Metro shell in Windows 8.1, where it would crash and restart if you have the Opus archives context menu enabled and right-clicked a file in the Metro search charm (Win-S) results.
  • The Opus archives context menu would not appear outside of Opus if all three of the extract, convert-to-sfx and keep-folder items/options were turned off.
  • Added CR and LF to the archives plugin's list of illegal filename characters, so you can now extract files from .tar archives created on Linux where the filenames inexplicably contain end-of-line characters. They will be replaced by underscores.
  • Fixed problem where Go CURRENT or clicking the last node in the path field when one or more new columns had been turned on in a folder that had a saved path format would result in the added columns being moved to the end.
  • Fix for thumbnail column + checkbox mode rendering glitches (if checkbox mode is active the thumbnail and name column are no longer treated as one).
  • The "ext" and "extdir" column keywords are no longer considered synonymous by Set GROUPBY and Set SORTBY, since sorting/grouping by the two columns is not actually the same.
  • Fixed problem that would cause Thumbnail column to stop working if it was saved in the default/custom format AND was part of the format saved in a layout.
  • Fixed Focal Length (35mm) column turning into unrelated Company column if saved into a folder format, layout, style, etc. and then reloaded.
  • Taskbar progress is now displayed on Windows 7 and 8 when using the jobs bar with progress dialogs excluded from the taskbar. (Previously, it was only displayed when progress dialogs were included on the taskbar.)
  • The tab groups preview in Preferences now uses the full width available when the Preferences dialog is resized.
  • Fixed CLI / script editor resize grip painting issues, and reduced flicker when resizing the dialog.
  • Fixed volume down key on some keyboards causing the lister to act as if tab has been pushed. (And possibly similar issues with other special keys.)
  • Fixed images in the standalone viewer, except the first one viewed, always being subject to EXIF rotation even if it was turned off in preferences, when the standalone viewer was launched via double-click from a lister.
  • Fixed "Keep status bars at the bottom of the lister" being enabled each time the Status Bar preferences page was shown if another unrelated setting happened to be switched on.
  • Fixed the bottom of the lister being left on-screen after resizing to close the jobs bar, on machines where desktop composition was disabled.
  • UnRar code now refuses to open RAR 5 archives created with the "save identical files as references" option, since unrar.dll provides no proper way to extract such files. We will review this when/if unrar.dll is updated to support the new option.
  • Running the Set DUAL command from a script now returns the new tab handle in the Results object.
  • The various OnXXX scripting event data objects now all have a "qualifiers" property which indicates the state of the qualifier keys.