25 July 2014

Directory Opus 11.5.3 (Beta)

Directory Opus 11.5.3 (beta) is now available for all Opus 11 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

32-bit version:    Universal    Deutsch
64-bit version:    Universal    Deutsch


  • Scripting changes:
    • Script columns can now add "star" columns (like the built-in Rating column) by setting ScriptColumn.type = "stars". The value provided for each file should be "x" or "x/y". The maxstars property can also be used to set the maximum number of stars.
    • When not using auto-grouping with a script column, the group_type field now lets the provided groups be formatted the same way as column values.
    • Script columns can now set themselves to reverse sort by default with the defsort property. Date and size fields get this by default.
    • The FolderEnum script object now has a Close method that lets you free the underlying handle without waiting for garbage collection to clean it up.
  • The date created/date modified fields in the metadata pane (and via the SetAttr META command) can now copy their value from other date fields, like the EXIF date fields already could.
  • Added Delete before copy option to the Synchronize tool.
  • Inline rename now supports Ctrl-' and Ctrl-; to copy the name from the previous/next file in the list. Hold Shift to also copy the extension.
  • Added the Use temporary folder when copying to Zip files on removable drives option to Zip files Preferences.
  • The Create Multiple Folders field now lets you select multiple folders in a file display (including the Windows desktop, Explorer, etc.) and Ctrl-C them into the clipboard, then paste into the dialog to get their names, one per line. The field also now trims quotes and spaces from paths pasted into it, including multi-line text.
  • Improved the recovery on retry for errors resulting from a drive or network becoming temporarily unavailable during file copy (e.g. if you're copying to or from a USB drive, and remove and then reinsert the drive, Opus should now be able to either resume (when copying from) or restart (when copying to) the operation).
  • A Copy HERE command launched via a filetype action would ignore the HERE argument if there was a destination folder.
  • Possible performance improvement for MTP support.
  • The Clipboard PASTE command will now succeed if a full path is specified with the AS argument even if the current folder doesn't support pasting (e.g. a file collection).
  • If a button launched two or more copy commands asynchronously (via dopusrt) that were both set to use the same named queue, Opus would create one queue for each job and run them immediately instead of queuing the second and subsequent ones.
  • If "descript.ion" comments are enabled, Opus will now show those comments for structured-storage files (e.g. MSI files) in preference to comments from the file itself.
  • Made some improvements to try to make the Image Convert function not lose the focus from files it modifies.
  • Fixed error that could prevent the Author/Copyright/Software tags being saved properly in a PNG file (would happen if the PNG file already had those tags provided in a tEXt chunk).
  • A three-button button that relies on files being selected could incorrectly appear enabled without files selected if the second or subsequent functions used @keydown conditions that weren't currently met.
  • When dragging an MP3 file onto another one in the metadata pane, some fields weren't correctly copied over. Also dragging a file from a library onto another file in the metadata pane now works correctly.
  • Fixed a couple of cosmetic issues with transition animations and DPI virtualisation under Windows 8.1.
  • Fix for not showing context menu items added to the registry under a file extension instead of a file class, when there is no file class. (If there is a file class, menu items registered in this way are still ignored, which is what Explorer also does.).
  • When the Resize Lister to display the jobs bar (if possible) option is on and jobs bar closes the Lister was not resized back to its original size if the Lister had been minimized after opening the jobs bar.
  • If the Show command was run in an empty folder the busy cursor would be left visible indefinitely.
  • The Folder Options dialog would use the wrong string for script columns in some cases.
  • Fixed crash triggered by selecting a shortcut to a non-file object (e.g. a control panel) with the viewer pane open and the Show shell icons option enabled.